Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On a different note...

Last night in our daily wrap-up devotions. We asked several questions, basically the same questions every night. What's God revealing to you? Did God answer any prayers? What was the coolest part of the day? What was the strangest or wildest part of your day? What was the most eye opening or a broken moment for you? What is God trying to teach you, reveal to you, or open you up to through today?

So, back to last night! We were talking through these questions and answering the question "What's God revealing to you?" and one of the students shared this "You don't need words (speaking of the translation barrier) to speak to the heart or to speak love"! Wow!!!

Several students started really thinking about that statment and then each one of them went around the room and shared how that statment had become so true in their lives just in two days. How they were already so in love with this community and broken for this community. Even though they didnt know all their names and could not really speak to them, but were able to be open to God using this community to do work in our lives, to soften our heart up, to reveal a deeper way to love!

It's been amazing to watch each one of these students put away their probelms and their differences and their worries and really allow God to get ahold of them and do a good work in their life. God moves in wonderous ways in our heart when we allow Him the openess.


  1. That is so amazing to hear! Our world is always bigger than our problems and our drama. To allow God in to teach us that through breaking our hearts for others is such a strengthening process to go through. I am so happy for each of the students and leaders that get to go through this process. It will also bind them for life!

  2. The experience must be awesome. Thank you for leading them Jason . Watch your step next time DL.We're proud of you.

  3. I simply CANNOT wait to hear from each of you personally as to how this has impacted your life. I so wish I was there with you all! I miss you tons NS!!!!



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