Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 6

Everyday this week we have traveled the same road over and over back and forth to the village and saw the same things on our journey there everyday. Today we got to see a large part of El Salvador , a very beautiful part of El Salvador.

We went into the mountains where they have miles and miles and miles of coffee beans plants. We were so high up that they should have told us to bring a jacket because it was pretty cold up there. The views that we got to see were so great that pictures really won’t do it justice. But we tried.

We went zip lining and the place we went had 14 different parts to the zip line. The lines were stretched out over 2 mountains and went back and forth between the two mountains. The mountains over looked a small town or a village with a big white church in it. It was beautiful view. There were several people that were pretty nervous about going but in the end everyone did it and enjoyed it.

We then got to eat at this amazing open air restaurant that had a big table ready and waiting for us that over looked a garden and had birds chirping in the back ground and the sound of the open grill behind crackling from the cooking of our massive chicken. It was by far the best food all week. One of the LWI staff says it’s one of the best places to eat in El Salvador and the meal was only $7 a plate.

Then after lunch we toured a small city called “Ataco” and walk around the stone roads and see the shops the sold everything El Salvador.

All week we have been able to see the beauty in the people of El Salvador! Today was a great day to see the natural beauty in this great country. There are not a lot of pics of today for several reason: 1. Having lots of problems loading pics tonight. 2. Were not really allowed to take pics zip lining because we had to use both hands in staying balanced and stopping on the lines. 3. Someone else has the rest of pics on there camera and I thought I had put them on my computer and they are long gone been to bed. So I apologize for the lack of pics tonight but I do hope you enjoy them. Once I get back state side with better internet I will post a lot more photos. Thanks for following us on our journey

Are whole team including the LWU staff

Photo of the day


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