Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Two

Rain jackets were a must today. It rained almost all day. It started with our truck ride into the village:

Then it was a greeting from the local church that we are drilling a well at:

Then it was the tour through the village:

A woman cleaning her clothes in the river...

This is the river that runs by the village that they clean their clothes, take baths, fish, and get water from...

A house in the village where we are building the well...

Here's an old, broken, dirty well that they have used for years that is no longer in use but cool to look down...

A spring that when its cleaned out will provied a little bit of clean water...

And then the digging begins:

Next up was the lunch break:

Very dirty from the dirt that flew up from the hole...

Back to drilling and then we hit muddy water:

When you release pressure off the drill water shoots out at you and you get wet...

The ladies getting instructions for how to work the machine...

Finally clean water was struck and casing put down the hole:
Once the hole is dug, we put PCV down the hole to protect the hole and the water...

Then you add gravel for the 1st 20 feet of so to help as a filter for the water...

Next up was Hygiene teaching:

and playing with the kids:

In case you were wondering:

and yes it was used today by a few.....

Then it was time for the ride home:

the result of the ride home:

Today was a great day, even though it rained for most of it we got a lot done. Were actually a day ahead of schedule. So hopefully we will continue to be blessed.

We ended the night with the students sharing from there heart about what they had seen and heard throughout the day. It was amazing to hear from their hearts and hear what God was doing in their lives already. When you get yourself out of your comfort zone and allow God to speak to you, it's amazing what He can do in your life and through your life and what He says to you about your life during this time.

Looking forward to whats in store for tomorrow. Keep praying for us and will be in touch soon.


  1. Love the pics!


  2. Wow...that is a lot of mud! lol...it looks like the group had fun working hard. A day ahead of schedule...God is an awesome God! I can't wait to hear about how God has touched every one and their testimonies when you get back. Tell JD that I love his new hairdo...hehe. Please tell him that we miss him and love him. We are so very proud of him for what he is doing and for allowing God to work in his life.

  3. I have looked at these photos 4/5 times today. I am so proud of our youth group. Love seeing them working hard together to accomplish this goal. They will never know who many lives will be affected positively, for years and years to come. This is love for God - in action! ld



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