Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 3

If yesterday was the day for rain was the day for sunscreen! Two and three coats of it for everyone. It was a very hot day with no clouds what so ever. But, it was a very successful day and still one day ahead of schedule. We cleaned the pipe out, laid the foundation, laid the HCC plaque, taught the kids about hygiene and proper cleaning of foods and played soccer with the kids and made piƱatas with the kids.

So with the cleaning of the pipe and laying of the concert we jumped around all day so there's no clean schedule like there was yesterday. So I will line the pics up and give a brief write up on a few

A walk through the village:

A little boy with his mom from the village


The road through the village

Making lunch for us

Cleaning out the pipe

Moving the equipment

An American's boots (and that's not all mud there)

An El Salvadorian's boots (and that's not all mud there)

Thought it was a puddle and fell in the hole....not kidding!! Laying the foundation to the well

Playing with the kids and Hygiene teaching

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