Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 4

Today was a day of cheering! We all chipped in, in putting the last pieces on the pump and watched clean water get pumped from the well for the first time. Everyone was cheering! We had a great time making piñatas again (come to find out: I thought this was just a fun arts and crafts projects! But it’s not they learn this fun little project because then they sell it for $2 and now that they have learned it they can make more. $6 a day is min wage…so these piñatas go along way)! We then broke out the bubbles and went crazy with these kids! All the kids chased the bubbles around trying to catch them which was fun to do. Today we had fish (a whole fish) and everyone was a little hesitant about eating it but everyone pushed through and ate it and really enjoyed it. Some of the fish still had their eyes in them and a few students choose to eat them. So that was a little interesting to watch.

Tonight it hit some of the students pretty hard that there was only one more day with the community and were saddened by the fact that tomorrow they will have to say goodbye to these people that they have fallen in love with. But they were so excited to be able to look at these families and know that their lives have been changed by us being here and by HCC sending money for the well and helping these students come here and be apart of what God is doing in the lives of these people.

Tomorrow will be a day that we will hopefully cherish forever. Tomorrow we celebrate the well and give it to the community and share the Gospel with the people. So hopefully tomorrow will be a day filled with joy, joy in knowing the people – lots of people came into a relationship with Christ through this week. So if you can be in prayer for us and the workers of LWI and the Pastor of this community that the Gospel message will be heard.

Here are the pics from today. Hopefully you will enjoy them:


  1. Aweee you guys!!! Great job!!! It is so good to see that you accomplished your mission and so much more. And amazing to see the work that God has begun in each of you while you have been there!!

  2. Wow...that fish! Proud of you all for pushing through to eat it.

  3. Love it!!! So excited to hear all the details!!! And Praise God for all the life altering things happening because of such a simple thing, pinatas, digging, smiling...Love you all and so proud of you!!!



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